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Welcome to the Kabins at Kickstart where we believe the rally and events should be easy-in, easy-out for the duration of your stay.

We start by making the reservation process simple – give us a call and we’ll get you squared away over the phone.

Once arrived, you’ll be conveniently located within walking distance to the Thunderdome Events Center which becomes the Beaver Bar for the Motorcycle and Mustang Rallies – so go grab a beer, you’re here! 

Mornings are made easy, as Kickstart Travel Center shares a parking lot and has everything you’ll need to fuel your daily adventures.

With the Sturgis Dragway located just around the corner on Highway 79, along with the Full Throttle Saloon, Buffalo Chip, and Glencoe camp resorts out here east of town, you’re sure to have plenty of entertainment without even getting mixed into the crowd of downtown if you so choose.


But to top it off, the nightlife is a breeze with Da Bus’ main pick-up and drop-off hub right across the street at The Stump Beer Garden – check out their pricing and party routes here!

And when you’re done with your day, you get to come home to a private Kabin with a hot shower and a memory foam mattress. Can’t ask for much more! But if you did, you’d ask for 6” thick noise-deadening insulation, A/C, heat, a toilet, a mini-fridge, a microwave, a coffee pot, and a sink – and we’d be happy to tell you that we’ve got all that too!

For immediate assistance please call us at 605-499-8430. Otherwise fill out the form, do some simple math to prove you’re human, and we will get right back to you with answers to your inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to host you at the next event!

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